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How to find one great bridal beauty to service the whole wedding entourage.

Most wedding planners have one or two bridal hair and make-up artists; that can service the whole wedding entourage, on their list of contacts. 

Ask your friends, relatives or colleagues at work, they might refer you to a bridal beauty company that already service them in one of their wedding events and they were happy with the service.

Go out and take a tour in your neighborhood where most of the beauty salons are located. You can make a visit one by one and ask or observe how they service their clients and if possible ask if they have ongoing wedding services. You might want to take a look just to give you some ideas how things work with their hair and makeup department and more importantly the result.

Check out this directory and look for bridal beauty shops around your city. Make a list of few best bridal beauty shop. Call and set an appointment to meet to learn more about their service and their rates. Visit their shops to find out if they are credible or not. Some time from the location and layout you can determine if the business is just starting up or it’s been operating for quite some time.